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Top 150+ Funny Quotes For Your Daily Life :😂

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Here are the Top 150+ Funny Quotes for your day :-

  1. I like your hairstyle when you shaved your head.
  2. My mom always tells me that nothing is impossible but I do nothing in the whole day
  3. I always wanted to buy Mercedes-Benz But I can only buy in my dreams

 4.Girl: I can love you if you have these 5 things 1 Money 2 Beautiful House 3 Bank Balance 4. Luxury Car & Food.

 Boy: Yes, I have all these ifs your dad can gift me in our wedding loll.

  1. I am not a dollar ok where my value keeps changing everyday lol.
  2. I feel unlucky when I don’t find coffee in my kitchen.
  3. Singing in the bathroom makes me successful but if there is no water in the bathroom when I feel like a failure.
  4. My mobile data went off while I was chatting with my girlfriend, she breaks up with me as my mobile data limit is over and she thinks I’m poor. haha
  5. Life gives you a lesson when you still have no teeth haha lol.
  6.  My mobile is like a wife wherever I go my mobile keeps eyes on my network.

Some More Top 150+ Funny Quotes Below :-

Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"I felt funny when i realized everyone was watching me"
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"My goal this weekend is to move only enough So people know I'm not DEAD ."

Top 150+ Funny Quotes as below in text format :-

11.Be careful who’s start the word with S. It’s just because you never know when the word S becomes M lol.

12. Even lazy people go to the washroom for some activity, then why don’t I, Even I do have rights too lol.

13.My boss is angry at me when I call his name bull and even his last name is shit. He asks me to call his full name bullshit.

14. I want someone to borrow me a car and then forget the vehicle.

15.Oh God ! if you can’t make me successful then make my friend unsuccessful, please.

Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"Interviewer: What do you make at your current job" Me: Mostly Mistakes & Inappropriate Comments."
"Behind Every Great Man There Is A Women Rolling Her Eyes."
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
Life Is Short,Smile While You Still Have Teeth
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"Don't Give Up Your Dream's. Keep Sleeping."
TEACHER _ Why Are You Talking During My Lesson. Student _ Why Are You Teaching During My Conversation .
"Unless Your Name Is GOOGLE Stop Acting Like You Know Everything."
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
My Bed is a Magical Place Where I Suddenly Remember Everything I Forgot To Do.
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"Lets flip coin. Head's I'm your's. Tail's you're mine."
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"The Early Bird Can Have The Worm, Because Worm's Are Gross And Morning's Are Stupid."
I'm as Single as a Dollar and I'm not Looking for a Change.
laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
Work Hard Have Fun No Drama.
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"If you say You're Cooler Then Me.... Does that make Me Hotter then You ?"
"Don't text me while i'm in the middle of texting you.Now i have to change my whole text."
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
"If idiots could fly this place would be an Airport."
Top 150+ Funny Quotes
If someone calls you _UGLY_ have a good come back & say _EXCUSE ME_ I'm not a mirror._
Top 150+ funny quotes
My Daughter tells jokes that my son finds uncomfortable

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